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"The Mighty Queens of Freeville” by NPR contributor Amy Dickinson looks yummy. Anyone take a look yet at her memoir? I am tempted to buy the book, but I won’t. I am in a major library mode for just about everything: memoirs, CD’s, DVD’s, cook books. I have Frank Langella’s “Starting Out in the Evening,” which I wouldn’t mind seeing, even if there’s a dirty-old-man (DOM) element. I think about 2 people saw that film last year. I’d like to be the third. Sorry, can’t link to the trailer (pesky disabled embedding), but it’s on YouTube, so look for Frank as an old professor there.

P.S. I liked Langella in “Frost/Nixon” on Broadway, and I hear the film version works. Apropos of nada, I am glad the Quakers have Nixon. We’ve got Ponzi; they have to live with Nixon.

No new signs from the dry-erase-board guy in North Brunswick. Maybe he’s getting shy. Sigh.
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